Launching Twitter Promoted Moments

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When I joined the Promoted Moments team, we were manually creating each campaign for our advertisers. In order to scale, we needed to develop a tool to empower advertisers to launch their own Promoted Moment.


I worked directly with some of Twitter's largest brands for user testing during the alpha phase of the tool, aptly named Moment Maker. Our primary users were the client's social media team and their brand agency.

Through working with advertisers across a diverse set of verticals, I learned of unique user needs that ultimately impacted the development of tool features and processes. A few are highlighted below:


Demographic Targeting

During our partnership with Bacardi, I realized they required a filtering for age groups because they could not legally advertise an alcohol brand to minors.

I made the case for this blocker to be solved to the product team and they worked with engineers to design a back-end workaround. This feature was then proposed for the roadmap to be available for all brands.

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Targeting Window

During our initial conversations with Target, the social media team requested the ability to set a specific time frame for their Promoted Moment. I worked with the production team to create a work around and made a case for this field as retail brand campaigns are often time and event specific.

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Building for Scale

The process during alpha testing was not scaleable. I, along with a team of 3, manually created each Promoted Moment for our advertiser partners. The process took over a month and required our team to travel to each client site during launch.

As a solution, I wrote a User Guide for our advertisers. This was a detailed step-by-step of how to use the Moment Maker tool, simplifying onboarding.


We launched promoted moments with ten of Twitter's largest brand clients in industries spanning from film to fin-tech. I was able to provide valuable insight that led to design changes for the Moment Maker tool, making it more user friendly and scaleable.

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