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I’m a product designer based in San Francisco. I implement a metrics-driven and iterative design approach to find creative solutions.

I've worked with early stage startups and for large tech companies. This has allowed me to develop new strategic approaches to organizational changes and empathetically design for diverse users.

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Selected Projects


Testing and iterating on Moment Maker Tool for Promoted Moments, Twitter's latest ad product.

User Testing / Product Management


Redesigned home feed layout to showcase value proposition and improve exploration.

Research / Wireframes / Lo-fi & Hi-fi Prototyping

HEARD *In Progress*

Redesigned onboarding and newsfeed prioritization to highlight value prop and surface relevant posts.

User Interviews / Wireframes / Lo-fi & Hi-fi Prototyping


Usability case study to improve seller experience, driving business impact.

Usability Testing / Hi-fi Prototyping